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Acrylic Sign IdeasOptions

  • Add stripes and borders
  • Use multiple lettering colors
  • Include graphics, symbols, or a logo
  • Use multiple layers to enhance the image
  • Create a 3d effect— using clear acrylic and on the reverse side apply a background color
  • Use for custom applications
  • Use bent easels
  • Reduce glare problems by using non-glare acrylic

Acrylic Installation Options

  • Self-supported (bent easel)
  • Hanging
  • Velcro®
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Suction cups

Care of Your Acrylic Sign

  • Do not leave your acrylic sign in direct sun or in a hot car. This may cause bowing or bending if not laid flat
  • Acrylic scratches easily and can shatter or chip upon impact, so handle with care
  • Acrylic signs should only be used for for long-term indoor use, or for short-term outdoor use in areas protected by overhangs or awnings. (except for the acrylic used in light box signs - this may be used outdoors long term)